Syrian Law- Main Legislation

The mission of the SLJ is to introduce Syrian law to a wide variety of English speakers by serving as a legal resource unit. In this section, approximately 80 laws of considerable importance covering diverse legal subjects are discussed. While the relevant provisions of these laws and other substantial points of interest are presented below, a comprehensive assessment of these subjects that delves into significant detail can be found in the book entitled Syrian Law. This book is currently in the process of publication and will be available to interested readers in the near future. In order for us to keep you notified of new updates in this section, please click here.


Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic Constitution of 2012
Electoral Law Law 5/2014
Political Parties Law Legislative Decree 100/2011
Local Administration Law Legislative Decree 107/2011


Court System

Judicial Authority Law Law 98/1961
Civil Procedure Code Law 1/2016
Evidence Law Law 359/1947
Criminal Procedure Code Legislative Decree 112/1950
Council of State Administrative Law Law 32/2019
Arbitration Law Law 4/2008
Legal Profession Law Law 30/2010


Civil Code

Civil Code Legislative Decree 84/1949


Commercial Law

Commercial Code Law 33/2007
Public Commercial Entities Law Legislative Decree 20/1994
Electronic Commerce Law Law 3/2014
Foreign Businesses Law Law 34/2008
Public Transactions Law Legislative Decree 15/2001
Competition Law Law 7/2008
Anti-Dumping Law Law 42/2006
Import Deposit Rules MEFT Regulation 703/2015
Consumer Protection Law Legislative Decree 8/2021


Company Law

Companies Law Legislative Decree 29/2011
Foreign Businesses Law Law 34/2008


Investment Laws

Investment Law Law 18/2021
Tourism Investment Rules STC Regulation 186/1985
Agricultural Investment Law Legislative Decree 10/1986
Electricity Law Law 32/2010
Private Education Law Legislative Decree 55/2004
Private Universities Law Legislative Decree 36/2001
Free Zones Law Legislative Decree 18/1971
Industrial Cities Law Legislative Decree 57/2004
Syrian Investment Company Law Legislative Decree 81/2010


Property Law

Civil Code Legislative Decree 84/1949
Foreign Ownership Law Law 11/2011
Landlord and Tenant Law Law 20/2015
Property Investment Law Law 15/2008
Land-Use Planning Law Legislative Decree 82/2010
Land Reform Law Law 161/1958
Agricultural Relations Law Law 56/2004


Intellectual Property Law

Patent Law Law 18/2012
Trademark Law Law 8/2007
Copyright Law Legislative Decree 62/2013


Media Law

Media Law Legislative Decree 108/2011



Banking Law Law 28/2001
Banking Secrecy Law Legislative Decree 30/2010
Banking Courts Law Law 21/2014
Islamic Banks Law Legislative Decree 35/2005
Investment Banks Law Legislative Decree 56/2010
Financial Leasing Law Legislative Decree 88/2010
Mortgage Finance Law Law 15/2012
Microfinance Law Law 8/2021
Foreign Exchange Law Laws 24/2006
Currency Transaction Law Legislative Decree 54/2013
Securities Exchange Law Legislative Decree 55/2006
DSE Listing Rules DSE Regulation 505/2010
Government Securities Law Legislative Decree 60/2007
Accounting & Auditing Profession Law Law 33/2009


Insurance Law

Insurance Law Legislative Decree 43/2005
Insurance Courts Law Law 5/2017


Transport Law

Ride-Sharing Law Law 16/2021


Employment Law

Employment Law Law 17/2010
Foreign Employees Rules ML Regulation 888/2016
Agricultural Relations Law Law 56/2004
Public Employment Law Law 50/2004
Social Security Law Legislative Decree 92/1959


Public Procurement

Public Procurement Law Law 51/2004
Public-Private Partnership Law Law 5/2016
Public Entities Law Law 2/2005


Taxation Law

Income Tax Law Law 24/2003
Tax Evasion Law Law 25/2003
Real Estate Fees Law Law 17/2021
Real Estate Sales Tax Law Law 15/2021
Property Income Tax Law Legislative Decree 53/2006
Customs Law Law 38/2006
Import Tariffs Law Law 1/1980
Consumption Tax Law Legislative Decree 11/2015
Inheritance Tax Law Legislative Decree 56/2004
Stamp Duty Law Legislative Decree 44/2005


Environmental Law

Environmental Law Law 12/2012


Civil Society Law

Civil Society Law Law 93/1958


Family Law

Personal Status Law Legislative Decree 59/1953
Civil Code Legislative Decree 84/1949
Civil Procedure Code Law 1/2016
Civil Status Law Law 13/2021


Nationality Law

Nationality Law Legislative Decree 276/1969


Criminal Law

Criminal Code Legislative Decree 148/1949
Economic Criminal Code Law 3/2013
Money Laundering Law Legislative Decree 33/2005