Legal Services

We are pleased to offer our legal services. We have a proven track record of meeting the expectations and objectives of our clients such as when asked to provide legal advice or to participate in litigation or arbitral proceedings when Syrian legal provisions are under consideration. By exercising reasonable diligence and promptness, our clients can expect to receive professional services and competent advice from us. Moreover, they can always rely on us to keep them well informed of relevant developments, including legislative enactments or legal policy reviews that concern them.

Awareness of Syrian law is not only confined to legal and judicial circles inside Syria but it may provoke curiosity in an international context as well, particularly in court litigations and arbitrations conducted overseas. Moreover, it may be sought in the provision of legal advice to international law firms and clients, including United Nations organizations, when questions regarding Syrian law arise. When called upon, we can provide clients located anywhere in the world with information about Syrian law in any given sector, particularly those affecting contractual matters or disputes in need of resolution. Our advice may take the form of legal opinions drafted for clients, or expert reports or testimony to be presented before foreign courts and arbitral tribunals when the contract that is the subject of the lawsuit is governed by Syrian law.

By virtue of our training and experience, we have engaged in constructive cooperation with international lawyers and clients in several jurisdictions. Furthermore, we have provided our advice to them on a number of occasions where queries regarding Syrian law have been prevalent. In this respect, we have added value in a range of subject areas including but not limited to commercial agreements, family law matters, nationality and immigration issues, and so forth. We tend to come across cases where individuals living in various countries are of Syrian descent and they wish to inquire whether they are entitled to Syrian nationality for any number of reasons, such as for the purposes of inheritance rights to real estate property for instance.

As far as disputes are concerned, our advice has been sought when an agreement is to be adjudicated in a foreign court, or alternatively where the seat of arbitration is not Syria, but the contractual provisions are governed by Syrian law. On several occasions, we have come across clauses in agreements that subject any disputes that may arise to the jurisdiction of the English courts but list the substantive law as Syrian law. In such situations, we are prepared to be retained by the courts or the respective parties to the lawsuit as legal experts to advise on the applicability of Syrian law to the agreement at hand to help hasten the dispute resolution process. We would certainly render the same services to arbitral tribunals under such circumstances. As part of our assessment, we would provide our opinion as to whether legal or public policy grounds in Syria require the Syrian courts to nevertheless assert their jurisdiction or whether the subject matter of the dispute is not arbitrable.

We can also share our experiences with clients on the practical aspects of enforcing foreign arbitral awards in accordance with the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. Similarly, we can shed light on the enforceability of court judgments and arbitral awards among the Arab states under the Riyadh Arab Agreement for Judicial Cooperation, which is commonly known as the Riyadh Convention. Other specific circumstances where our input may be requested include when a relevant bilateral investment treaty requires analysis and interpretation, in the case of investor-state arbitrations, particularly those before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), or in disputes before the International Court of Arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) just to name a few scenarios. It is worth noting that Syria is a signatory to the New York Convention, the Riyadh Convention and the ICSID Convention, and a member state of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

In addition to offering our legal expertise, we can provide other services including accepting appointments as arbitrators in any country if nominated accordingly. In our capacity as arbitrators, we will not only act independently and impartially but we can take the lead in applying the relevant provisions of Syrian law to the agreement under scrutiny where for example the curial law may not be Syrian law but the substantive law is Syrian law. In this respect, the principle of party autonomy is upheld as the contracting parties’ selection of Syrian law is strictly observed by our arbitrators who can rely on their years of consolidated legal expertise to determine the facts of the case and render awards appropriately. Wherever the venue, whether in Dubai, Beirut, London, Singapore or any other city, and regardless of the rules of procedure or whether it is an institutional or an ad hoc arbitration, we will accommodate all the involved parties accordingly.

We also understand and appreciate the expectations of clients with respect to the complex and enhanced nature of compliance legislation issued in recent years by a number of countries. For the purposes of satisfying legal obligations in multiple jurisdictions and mitigating potential risks where necessary, we are able to provide consultations to businesses, companies and organizations to assist them in ensuring that they abide by applicable international legal regimes.

If you require any legal services, please drop us an e-mail at and we will aim to reply to you as soon as possible.