Transport Law


Ride-Sharing Law

REFERENCE Law 16/2021
DATE OF PROMULGATION Approved by the People’s Assembly on March 23, 2021
Promulgated by President Bashar Al-Assad on April 21, 2021
  • The Uber-style Ride-Sharing Law 16/2021 is anticipated to ease traffic congestion in Syria, alleviate pressures on fuel demand, create new job opportunities, and promote further electronic and technological practices among the population.
  • The People’s Assembly earlier approved the Ride-Sharing Law to permit owners of private cars and minibuses, via companies licensed by the Ministry of Transport, to utilize mobile technology applications for Uber-style services supervised by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • The ride-sharing company that owns the “Move It Syria” brand obtained a preliminary license to operate in Syria though it must receive final approvals from the Ministry of Transport and the National Network Services Authority affiliated to the Ministry of Communications.
  • There are presently two ride-sharing applications being utilized in Syria but the Ministry of Transport recently confirmed that they are operating unlawfully and will have to adjust their status in line with the new legislation.
  • The Ride-Sharing Law 16/2021 was issued during a severe economic crisis and fuel shortage in Syria.