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The SLJ is pleased to publish a diversified set of journal entries to satisfy the interest of readers. These publications may include detailed articles on subjects related to the law or news items worthy of comment. The inaugural entry that the SLJ chose to share with readers is a profile on Professor Jacques El-Hakim, one of Syria’s most renowned lawyers, which is intended to be a fitting introduction to this website. The SLJ also welcomes contributions from its followers, which will be given special consideration. If you are considering contributing an article for publication in our Journal Entries, please feel free to get in touch with our Editorial Team at and we will promptly respond to you with our feedback. In order for us to keep you notified of new updates in this section, please click here.

The Legal Market in Syria

Syria started 2017 with signs that the conflict in the country was beginning to wind down as international and local dynamics push in the direction of a resolution. As the government’s objectives turn to...